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RoxoR - Touring with the Rock Stars


You must read and fully accept the following terms and conditions.

  1. Your tour manager will be your only point of contact with the band and crew. You must follow your tour managers instructions every day of the tour.
  2. You must wear your tour pass at all times. You will never give your tour pass to another person during the tour.
  3. Access to soundchecks will be strictly managed by your tour manager, you must follow your tour managers instructions at all times. Your tour manager will explain when you can enter the gig and your access during the sound checks.
  4. You will be allowed to enter the gig earlier than the crowd, no guests will be allowed, this access is exclusive to rock and roll customers only.
  5. When at the gigs you will never go into areas other than those allowed by your tour managers instructions, unless invited by the band or crew (bands private dressing rooms or stage for example).
  6. Do not approach the band or crew unless invited during soundchecks, after-show-parties, etc.
  7. Any person breaking these rules will be issued a warning by the tour-manager, however in the case of gross misconduct (as defined by your tour-manager) the result will be that the person(s) involved will be deemed to terminate his/her contract with THE ROCK `N` ROLL EXPERIENCE. This will mean immediate ejection from the tour, the guilty party will be dropped in the nearest town. THE ROCK `N` ROLL EXPERIENCE will not be responsible for that person getting back to the pick-up- or drop-off-town. Also the costs of travel and/or any hotels needed will be the responsibility of the offender (this particular rule is to protect the band/their crew and other ROCK `N` ROLL EXPERIENCE-clients).
  8. Acceptable behaviour on the bus will be explained to you by your bus driver and your tour manager. Anybody breaking the acceptable behaviour will receive a warning. Your tour manager will also explain acceptable behaviour at the gigs and general tour rules.
  9. You must be at least 18 years old.

More details may follow closer to the trip.