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RoxoR - Touring with the Rock Stars

About Us

Founder of THE ROCK 'N' ROLL EXPERIENCE is Patrick Goodhand, ROCK 'N' ROLL nightliner bus driver and photographer for more than 15 years, british citizen with residence in Spain. He has been touring constantly with acts such as ALICIA KEYS, BON JOVI, MADONNA, ANNIE LENNOX, MARIA CAREY, MEAT LOAF, SAXON, IN EXTREMO, ZUCCHERO and countless more over the years. Jessica Schellberg has her own music promotion company named RESULT PROMOTION, also works for HARDBEAT PROMOTION and is running the office together with Jan Winterfeld of PLUSWELT PROMOTION, a well-known concert booking agency with tour-management services established in 1999, based in Hamburg, Germany. PLUSWELT has been/ is serving artists like APOPTYGMA BERZERK, COMBICHRIST, DE/VISION, MESH, MONO INC, TITO & TARANTULA, THEATRE OF TRAGEDY among many others.

So the combined power of ROCK 'N' ROLL nightliner bus driver, promotion- and a booking agency brings masses of experience, decades of business relationships and friendships of countless artists and many, many years living and touring on the road. The result of all our experience is we can, and we do work closely with managements, booking agencies, tour-managers as we have worked with them over the years so we can provide you with a true rock 'n' roll-experience.

We trust the bands, the bands trust us.